Civil law
  - Drafting, preparation and revision of contracts
- Civil liability
- Collections
- Insurance
- Sales and acquisitions
- Securities and hypothecs
- Consumer protection
- Transactions

Commercial and corporate law
  - Incorporation
- Corporate organization and reorganization
- Corporate secretariat
- Interpreting and drafting various commercial agreements
- Contracts for selling or acquiring assets or shares
- Partnership agreements
- Regulatory compliance
- Shareholders’ agreements
- Rollover agreements
- Commercial leases
- Bankruptcy and insolvency

Real estate law
  - Commercial leases
- Apartment leases
- Property sales and acquisitions
- Interpreting and drafting of contracts
- Condominiums
- Neighbourhood disturbances
- Securities and hypothecs
- Financing
- Hidden defects
- Civil liability

Construction law
  - Legal hypothecs
- Contract review and drafting
- Consumer protection
- Incorporation
- Service contracts
- Copyright protection (plans, drawings)

Wills and estates
  - Authentication of wills
- Homologation of wills
- Liquidation of successions
- Removal and replacement of liquidators
- Estate administration
- Accounting
- Protective supervision
- Tutorship councils
Human rights and protection regimes
  - Homologation of mandates given by persons in case of their incapacity
- Opening of protective supervision for an adult
- Opening of protective supervision for a minor
- Tutorship councils
- Administration of the property of others

Labour law
  - Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and workforce
  management in the construction industry, CQLR c. R-20
- Act respecting labour standards, CQLR c. N-1.1
- Building Act, CQLR c. B-1.1
- Labour Code, CQLR c. C-27
- Canada Labour Code, RSC 1985, c. L-2
- Collective agreements

  Although our firm prioritizes the finding of effective, quick and inexpensive solutions to your legal problems, there are times when recourse to the courts is unavoidable for the purpose of fully asserting your rights and defending your interests. In such instances, we provide superior-quality representation before the courts. No matter how complex or emotionally charged the dispute in which you are involved may be, we always adopt a pragmatic and reasonable approach to your situation, and whenever possible, we promote negotiations and alternative methods for resolving conflicts.